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What is BASEcamp?

BASEcamp is a 5-day training experience for young men and young women ages 13-18 years old (click here to see a typical week schedule, and click here for locations). Packed with interactive activities and instruction, the youth will gain skills and confidence to face the mountain of challenges in these latter-days. From dances to “day-camps” and free-time to firesides, each youth will better recognize the call from the Prophet to be doers and not just hearers:

“The world is in need of our help. Are we doing all we should? There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save… Yours is the privilege to be not spectators but participants…”    —President Thomas S. Monson, “Willing and Worthy to Serve” Ensign, May 2012

With the recent announcements regarding our youth, preparing to enter the temple must begin earlier. Greater emphasis has been placed on their opportunities and responsibilities to prepare the world for the coming of the Savior. This program combines all aspects of Church resources (Seminary, young men, young women, Preach My Gospel, etc.) to reinforce their skills and abilities to rise to the challenges before them as they successfully complete their ascension to the Mountain of the Lord.

About Basecamp?

BASEcamp, a foundational experience for youth, will help in the preparation to make and keep sacred covenants, enter the house of the Lord, and fulfill the responsibility of preparing the world for the second coming of the Savior (For the Strength of Youth, p. ii-iii). Through inspirational lessons, interactive teaching opportunities and social experiences, the youth will become an influence for good through engaging in gospel discussions, teaching and lifting one another, and developing lasting networks of friendship and strength.

Our BASEcamp guides (counselors) are some of the finest young single adults we can find. All male counselors, and many of our female counselors, will be returned missionaries. Our Directing Couples are experienced and seasoned models of righteous husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. Our instructors come from all walks of life and will testify of gospel doctrines and principles while helping the youth reflect on their own personal applications. All involved will help create a climate of revelation through which testimonies will be strengthened and hearts changed. “Our Heavenly Father has placed great trust in [the youth]. He has a work for [them] to do.” (For the Strength of Youth, p. iii)

What does BASEcamp signify?

There is a lot of meaning in our name:

BASEcamp: (bās’-cămp) n. 1) a gathering place to gain strength when attempting to ascend a mountain. 2) a position of safety and preparation for the challenges ahead. 3) a protected environment to gain greater knowledge and confidence for future opportunities and responsibilities. 4) Believe. Act. Serve. Endure. (B.A.S.E.)

Imagine the energy created when 200-500 young men and young women gather to lift and strengthen each other; sprinkled with several dozen of the finest young single adults and combined with enthusiastic gospel teachers and motivating Directing Couples—it's a formula for a fun and fantastic experience!

BASEcamp is a safe and protected place where the spirit of the Lord can inspire and enlighten the youth as they strive to anchor themselves to gospel of Jesus Christ. While experiencing this climate of revelation, the youth will gain greater knowledge and confidence for their future opportunities and responsibilities.

Believe.    Act.    Serve.    Endure.

BASEcamp Standards

This program is based on the teaching of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, youth of any religious affiliation are welcome to attend. All participating in these programs will be held to the high expectations of dress, appearance, and behavior as found in the gospel of Jesus Christ and other such Church standards. You can read more about standards and BASEcamp expectations here; however, BASEcamp staff and administration reserve the right to consider and address individual circumstances as needed.

Prepare yourselves spiritually, and qualify to enter into our Heavenly Father’s presence. Prepare now for the temple, the mountain of the Lord. Never allow the goal of the temple to be out of your sight. Walk into His presence in purity and virtue, and receive His blessings—even “all that he hath” (Luke 12:44). Within His holy house you will be cleansed, taught, and endowed with power, and His “angels [will] have charge over [you].” (D&C 109:22)

Elaine S. Dalton
Elaine S. Dalton
Come Let Us Go Up to the Mountain of the Lord, Ensign, May 2009